GIF of the day: McFielding

McSlogga's the most committed fielder.

PS.- This blog isn't dead.

I am Root

Amateur work, but more of an effort than India's batsmen put in.

GIFs of the day: Hitwicket!

This kind of dismissal is so rare. Nuwan gets out like this any more. (that joke only works if you say "Nuwan" like "no one").

This one gets two angles because why not. Poor quality, because we all know how cricket highlights are so easily and quickly available on the internet.

GIF of the day: Polly takes a cracker

Like a parrot, see? (there's no analogy here, move along)

GIF of the day: How to run yourself out successfully

"Why are Faulkner and Samson chucking the ball at each oth-  OH MY GOD THEY'RE TRYING TO RUN ME OUT - I'm out."

GIFs of the day: Again, reverse slogs

No, I haven't posted the same one twice.

GIF of the day (#2): Well fielded?

More like Mithun Man-has-two-left-feet. (get it? his name is Manhas)