GIFs of the day: Reverse-everything

New drinking game: every time the word "unorthodox" is said while Maxwell is batting.

GIF of the day: Reverse-flick

And we're back.

GIF of the day: Well left #2

Well left #1 is over here.

GIF of the day: Out for a duck

Not that kind of duck, but still.

India vs South Africa: The Hopefuls

This turned out way worse than I'd imagined... but it's all I've got. Who doesn't love amateur Photoshop?

Points if you get what "Daisi Fahns" is. I nearly didn't... 5 minutes after I wrote it.

Ashes 2013 II: Pre-preview

Because I can't be bothered to write yet another Ashes preview, and the fact that my previous attempt at an Ashes piece didn't even get past the bullet points stage, here's a fun infographic outlining everything you need to know ahead of the first (or is it sixth?) test. Seriously, everything.

Writing a preview when there exists a Mitchell Johnson-sized variable factor is a pointless exercise, anyway.

Spreadex Ashes 13-14 Infographic
Infographic brought to you by Spreadex, leading provider of Spread Betting in the UK.
Click here for the full size image (1598 x 16205 px).

Gif of the day: Well ducked

Dhoni's bat = Thor's hammer.