Sehwag paints the field red

I missed out today. Woke up late, thought of checking the score, but decided against it and settled down with a bit of breakfast.

Then I checked my RSS feeds of various websites in search of something interesting to read, and saw this under Cricinfo:

'Sehwag and Vijay pulverise Sri Lanka'. Of course, this would later become 'Virender Sehwag pulverises Sri Lanka'. Rightly so, as no other batsman in this match should even be in the same frame. The Sehwag should get an entire channel to himself.

Anyway, that headline sent me into super-click mode, leading me to the live scorecard, and I ran to catch it live.

Dilshan has become more successful after being said to have gone the 'Sehwag way', which is all crap. Only Sehwag goes the Sehwag way. Dilshan made a quick hundred and got out. What you get with Sehwag is a man who smashes his way past hundred and tries to multiply it by whatever number appears by randomly picking a finger on his hand.

He may be in the company of Brian "I'm-so-angry-my-team's-losing-so-I'll-break-a-record-maaaaan" Lara and Don "My-team's-invincible-and-I-average-a-hundred" Bradman, but he's Virender "I-see-the-ball-and-try-to-hit-it" Sehwag. He batted so well that Vijay's sublime 87 and Dravid's solid 62 seem like nothing more than good starts.

Tomorrow people will be rushing to catch the match right from the morning, in anticipation of whatever Sehwag can cook up. Even if he gets out first ball, he will be the holder of the top three scores by Indians - that is a good enough feat for anyone.

By the way, Muralitharan has taken 5 wickets at 103 this series.

"And I didn't even have to use this!"


I am sure you didn't have to induldge in self-amusement today :) ... may be even tomorrow that won't be required. Will he make it to 400.. will we then think of 500?!..

No, I don't intend to miss out tomorrow for the sake of self-amusement :P
No score is beyond Sehwag, given he stays at the crease... 400 is likely as long as India bats two sessions with him there. Beyond that, it's unlikely as we'd like to have as much time as possible to bowl the Lankans out... they may have gone missing for three innings, but Sanga, Mahela and Samaraweera can still pile on the runs of needed!

Hey nice to have access to more material on Sehwagology (to borrow from Jrod's blog). Cricinfo just isn't enough to satiate you when Sehwag does what he does. Keep writing!

Thanks, mate!
I definitely appreciate appreciation!

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