Magnificent, and 200 other synonyms for it

Who knew I'd be doing a post this early in the morning? I didn't.

Everytime Sehwag goes past 50 in his typical quick time, commentators began their quack about he being the most likely man to get a 200 in ODI's.

How about his mentor you idiots?

I won't waste my time trying to describe his innings. Pointless, really.

Okay, I'll try.

Sachin was...

Nope, got nothing.

I'll say this - he did not make a single error.

Dhoni was as fantabulous as it gets, that # 1 spot is his to keep - his innings throughout his career have ranged from circumspect to blistering, but he always makes runs. How he makes them is tied to the situation, which is what makes him the batting key. Today he took the pressure off Sachin by getting the required boundaries towards the end. Or maybe he was just having fun. Great viewing either way.

Can't really be bothered about the rest of the match, it's an ODI. I'll leave you with some commentary gems from the latter stages of the Indian innings, because I only started watching after Sachin's 100 came around. I'd be glad if anyone could throw in some more!

Laxman Sivaramakrishnan : "He goes for the big one, and it will stay... big." So many words, Siva.
Danny Morrison (in the company of Shastri): "He's hit that like a tracer bullet!"
Ravi Shastri: "Keen as mustard" (talking about Sachin going for a second run)
  "        "      : "He was a greedy boy, and ten years down the line he's still greedy" (on Sachin again)
  "        "      :  "He wields the bat like an axe" (on Dhoni)
Shastri also mistook Amla for Duminy. Seriously. Amla for Duminy. Figure that one out.
And finally, after Sachin's 200 came up, he called him the "Superman from India". hmm. This is why I didn't use any words.

"I bless thee with my batting."


Hi, Wes here! I can't breathe. It is killing me! How could he possibly achieve that. Only he, Sachin, the master, the blessed one.

Wes' last blog:
Sachin Tendulkar double century against South Africa! Sachin your are the greatest! We love you Sachin!

Is he still 16 or 36??? It is amazing to see that he is still so focused.

Amazing, isn't it?

For the most part he didn't let his tiredness show... wow!

Everything's funny if you look for hidden jokes :P

Yes, yes, midget, stats, rip head, all that :P

Glad the troll days are over.. find some other place mister ;)

Come to think of it, Sachin broke a lot of records and with his 200, destroyed our troll too. lol!

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