IPL 4: Fact or Fiction? (working title)

I've noticed that some people are finding the website via several different Google searches, almost all of them seeking information about IPL 4. Now I won't pretend I know what's going on, but I will summarize everything I've read or heard into an (un) impressive-looking list of bullet-points, so that you, 3 and a half readers, can be as confused as I am.

  • There were going to be 10 teams this year.
  • The new teams were the Pune Pratfallers and the Kochi Katerwaulers.
  • Suddenly, Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab had their names erased with the back of a pen because they were corrupt.
  • The Kochi Katerwaulers were asked to give a bunch of reasons why they might be allowed to stay, because they were corrupt too. Easiest punishment ever?
  • Wrong. They argued so much that they broke their only pencil and couldn't come up with anything.
  • But they were allowed to stay.
  • The Rajasthan Royals clawed back in after some judge let them remain a franchise. For six weeks. And they have been allowed to participate in the auction.
  • Meanwhile, the Kings XI Punjab won't go away quietly and are still on hunger strike trying to take legal action.
  • The player retention deadline for all teams was tomorrow, but the Bombay High Court postponed it to the 8th
  • There really shouldn't be an IPL this year because of the World Cup.
And now, to summarize in one paragraph of gibberish, if you don't get it yet.

The IPL supposedly will happen but we don't know how many teams are there because there were to be ten but two were removed and then one was allowed back so now there are nine and they can all take part in the auction so next month they may all have players but then one team may still be kicked out and then what will happen to their players will they be given to the other team that was kicked out and has not yet been allowed back or will they be distributed like maltesers among the other teams or will the auction not even happen because we aren't certain which teams are in it and there are a buttload of court cases happening which keep getting delayed and the IPL may not even happen in the end which would be good because all the players would be tired from the World Cup anyway.

That should capture the theme effectively.