RSA v IND: Player scores for the series

India (average score: 4.7)

8 - Sachin Tendulkar (326 runs at 81.5): Looked the most comfortable (Indian) batsman in the Centurion Test, didn't contribute to the Durban Test victory, and showed a batting masterclass at Cape Town. Points off for not farming strike at Centurion on the fifth day, an innings defeat could've been avoided at the very least.

8 - Zaheer Khan (10 wickets at 24.6): Showed how valuable he was through his absence at Centurion, and when he came back you could see how he is, like, 80% of the bowling attack. He also had an extremely vital partnership with Laxman at Durban. Quick lower-order wickets at Cape Town may have won us the game, though, so points off for not being able to provide breakthroughs then.

8 - Gautam Gambhir (242 runs at 60.5): Very good series for him, barring the first innings of the series. He showed his adaptability to the situation again, counter-attacking at Centurion and knuckling down at Cape Town.

7.5 - Harbhajan Singh (15 wickets at 29.6): Overcame a pretty bad performance at Centurion to take 13 wickets in the nest 2 Tests, including a 7-for at Cape Town. Bowled the best we've seen from him in a while. Scored 40 important runs in Sachin's company, including a stunning six off Steyn.

6.5 - VVS Laxman (196 runs at 39.2): Did little else except win India the Durban Test, but that's pretty important, isn't it?

5.5 - MS Dhoni (179 runs at 35.8): Well of course, he showed plenty of fight at Centurion, but got out at the wrong time. Got more starts all series, but didn't convert them. Had South Africa in trouble at Cape Town, but was a little too defensive. That's a lot of buts.

5.5 - Sreesanth (9 wickets at 41.77): Forgettable 1st Test, and a bad 1st innings at Durban, but bowled enough beauties among tripe to take crucial wickets, then fizzled out against Kallis at Cape Town. That ripper at Durban will always be remembered, though. He continues to look like a movie I wouldn't watch.

4 - Ishant Sharma  (7 wickets at 48.14): Very inconsistent bowling from him all series. He only looked good to bully tailenders, which is mostly what he was used for.

3 - Rahul Dravid (120 runs at 20): Further chinks in the Wall this series. Not from lack of trying to stay at the crease, I might add. Continues to chase wide crap, and seriously, who gets out to Tsotsobe? Tests won't be around for a while now, I'm not sure we'll see him again.

3 - Cheteshwar Pujara (31 runs at 10.33): Finally replaced Raina at #6 after the latter's Centurion failure. He certainly didn't cement his place with this performance, but to his credit, he showed some grit at Durban, batting with Laxman.

2.5 - Virender Sehwag (144 runs at 24): The stats don't deserve a 2.5, but I've taken all the points off for the ways he got out. He looked like a man in a hurry all series, he needs to take some Patience pills. None of this 'that's how he plays' crap, he messed up and he knows it.

2.5 - Jaidev Unadkat (wicketless): He is better than this. To his misfortune, he had to bowl when nothing was happening, without Zaheer around to built any sort of pressure, and Amla, Kallis and ABdV on a rampage. He bowled in decent areas, and was the most economical Indian bowler in his only Test.

1.5 - Murali Vijay (28 runs at 14): India's back-up opener is miles behind. Showed good judgment leaving at Durban, but got out chasing one anyway. Didn't handle short stuff well.

0.5 - Suresh Raina (6 runs at 3): Hapless, lost his spot to Pujara, but he'll be back (maybe). I would've given him another go.

South Africa 
(average score 6.18, boosted by Steyn's score, and they used 11 players as compared to India's 14)

18 - Dale Steyn (21 wickets at 17.47): Nope, not a typo, and these marks are out of 10. Seriously, what is he on? Stunning bowling, and the ability to bowl one unplayable spell after another at his pace. An absolute treat to watch. If he was bowling to me, I'd stop and watch even as the ball broke my skull. I doff my non-existent hat to you, sir, and the Indian in me looks forward to seeing the same batsmen smash you in the IPL.

9 - Jacques Kallis (498 runs at 166): Phenomenal series, he had the sort of run that Amla did in India. Virtually undismissable, it took a bit of luck and a ripper to get him in Durban. Single-handedly secured a draw in Cape Town, despite a side-strain that prevented him from bowling. I currently hate him for that.

8 - Morne Morkel (15 wickets at 24.06): He's continually developing into a world-class bowler, if he isn't already one. He can be put under pressure if you go after him, but you gotta have the balls to do that in the first place.

7 - Hashim Amla (250 runs at 50): A big hundred at Centurion, a fifty at Cape Town, not much in between. Poor-ish series by his own standards. The beard will bounce back.

5 - Alviro Peterson (170 runs at 34): One fifty at Centurion, and got starts in every innings after that. He got out four times in the 20's. Not test grade yet. Doesn't RSA have better openers? What about that Russouw dude? I dunno, I just threw a name because I don't know any others.

4.5 - AB de Villiers (201 runs at 40.2): Walked all over a weakened India at Centurion, but when put under pressure himself, he failed repeatedly. No hat-doffing for him.

4 - Ashwell Prince (121 runs at 40.33): Still very dismissable, he only got starts when he tried to delay that inevitability. I've no idea why Duminy hasn't replaced him yet.

4 - Graeme Smith (143 runs at 28.6): Scored his only 50 of the series when Zaheer wasn't playing. Yeah, that's pretty much it.

4 - Lonwabo Tsotsobe (7 wickets at 48.85): He was the pressure-relief bowler for Indian batsmen, and a pie-buffet at times. I don't think Parnell could've done better, though. The back-up seamer continues to be an issue for South Africa.

3.5 - Mark Boucher (72 runs at 24): He gets all the points for the match-saving 55 at Cape Town, and the one swift run-out (can't remember whose wicket).

1 - Paul Harris (4 wickets at 64.25): His pointlessness may end soon with Imran Tahir's availability. His series strike rate was 168.