The reasons for success, somewhat

So I head over to Paddle Sweep to check out how the blogs are doing with points in the Interblog IPL Battle, and I see that I'm at about 5th place as I got no points today after KKR's 'mommy-i've-got-a-tummyache-i-don't-wanna-go-to-school' performance (to coin a term). Then their poll, for who people think will win this battle, catches my eye. According to the public opinion, 46% of the voters think that I'm a frontrunner to win. That's 86 people. This positively baffled me, and my mind was able to come up with these possible explanations:

  • People actually think I'm a good blogger, so I should win (Note: writing prowess won't get me far, KKR has to do well or I won't get anywhere)
  • That many people think KKR can actually win the IPL
  • People are just voting for the guy who's leading already
  • Sympathy votes for the underdog
  • One crazed psycho-fan who visits every house in his neighborhood and threatens to kill them if they don't vote for me, who will eventually hunt me down and choke me with a cricket bat should I fail to win.
  • They love the name of my blog
  • They're mocking me
I've never had a poll on my blog, so I think I'll put one in now. Which of the above reasons do you think is responsible for me leading Paddle Sweep's poll by such a huge margin?


116, Good Sir.

I think it's got something to do with you actually knowing what you're writing about... plus you have a dramatic speak that sucks the reader in (i.e. you are at your best when your team is losing, which possibly explains your stats boost^^). I guess that's summed up in "being a good blogger".

Sorry to hear about KKR. Bond doing shite also?

~ Play For Country Not For Self ~

Thanks for reassuring me, lol :P

But that brings out another point, I guess the voters don't know the rules - I win only if KKR wins! I could win a Pulitzer for my posts and still not win the Battle :P

It's ok, I don't actually support KKR in actuality! Bond's been quiet - hasn't leaked too many runs but hasn't ripped through any teams either!

And people don't actually seem to read me anymore - I've become invisible in the last 2 weeks. If they were I'd totally trump you. Also, I think you deserved to be docked points on the grounds that your dodgy Kiwi injured my captain :-)

Nah, well done. Definitely the front runner - not bad for the latecomer.

Taking Dhoni out is something the entire league will be thankful for, so yeah he's gained some merit B)

Yes I agree the blogging aspect doesn't play the largest role in the *blog* battle and the outcome depends too much on the success of the team, I think it should be the other way round, the team adds bonus points.

Sid maybe it's just me but your IPL posts don't have enough Sid in them. Maybe put the hegno back into thegnomenathor? :P

The cricket, my friend, is blowing in the wind...

Actually, my numbers have dropped recently too, the poll is probably just getting Paddlesweep hits, I don't think anyone's hopping here despite those happy stats :P

Injuring MSD is the only thing of note the dodgy Kiwi has done so far!
And with today's loss I'm now in 7th place, wow. Is no one looking at my points before they vote? :P

Yeah Wes, I agree, we only lose points if the other blogger doesn't post, nothing else related to the actual blogging part. Sadly.

I'm finding it hard, Wes, because I'm just not passionate about the IPL as I am australian cricket. Of course, more people are reading my IPL posts than my Aussie ones so maybe my blog is just shite.

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