After that healthy response to my first post, creatively titled The First One, I decided that it couldn't hurt to project my boredom a little more: resulting in the second "issue" of The Adventures of Billy the Worm.

This time there is a guest star, and this trend will probably continue until I run out of stereotypes to mock. Or my pen drops dead. Or Bangladesh beats South Africa in a test match. You get my drift.

In my mind, the Billy series is kinda like a junkyard sale, as it began as only a doodle that I found a bit interesting. To quote Charlie Sheen, "It amuses me!" Two and a Half Men watchers, you know that one ;)

So here's the issue that I don't really think you've been waiting to see. Again, for dimwits, click on the picture to make it a readable size.

I'm outta here.


i wanna see depp-worm, bloom-worm n keira-worm... i wanna see how hot they look in worm form...;)

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yes maybe... but since you mentioned them... and orlando bloom is really hot... we are allowed to get curious...

i onli wanna see billy worm!!:p

this is soooo cute......hahahahahha
parrots eats i say...

i want to read many more
so start drawing again!!!:)

haha! this was good!:P parrots eat worms.then it just vanishes!:P make one about cricket and worms!:D that would be awesome! make one about BOB worms doing their thing:P someone dancing, someone goign eh uh, someone cracking jokes, someone being mr naidu, someone eating pizzas!:P thats would be fun!:P and visit my blog as well biach8-) and dont post stuff liek duckworht way in hell im explaining that:P

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