We (KKR) Win!

Quelle surprise! Prior to the beginning of the season KKR had dialed down the flamboyance and hired the coaches appropriate for the situation.

And now that has paid off.

KKR has, in the past, been flagged as the disaster team, but even they couldn't have predicted how badly the first match of the season would begin. Chaminda Vaas, playing in the absence of Ryan Harris and Kemar Roach, started off by swinging the ball like nobody's business and the scoreboard after the first over read KKR 1/2. And that's not backward Australian style. Tiwary and skipper Ganguly nipped out for ducks. Hodge and Pujara staged a mini-comeback but they fell in quick succession to the erratic duo of Jaskaran Singh and RP Singh to leave KKR reeling at 31/4 in the 6th over.

Owais Shah patted the ball around while Angelo was more aggressive in their 130-run partnership, and with five overs to go, both cut loose spectacularly to take KKR to a respectable 160, which is around the par score for IPL totals in India.

DC made a strong start again, with (surprise surprise) Adam Gilchrist rollicking to a spendid 50. Even Laxman decided to slog across the line, somewhat successfully. Once both were gone, the Chargers folded one by one, going for silly shots, though it has to be said that the KKR bowlers kept it pretty tight, and all of them chipped in with wickets. Wasim Akram's doing a decent job! Ishant, once again, didn't have the pace that he possessed not too long ago, but his lines and lengths were great and he mixed it up well... just watch the final over as proof of that. Kartik is a wily spinner who's been around a long time, and he, along with Mathews, kept the scoring rate down in the middle overs quite well. Laxmi Ratan Shukla got a little stick from Gilly but he recovered well enough to take the crucial wicket of Anirudh Singh towards the end. Langeveldt, as always, was impressive.

A fantastic match all-round, but KKR supporters will probably worry about the top order. Note that this is a makeshift order, as B-Mac, Gaylestorm and Officer Bond are yet to return. And it is also unlikely that we'll see good conditions for the ball to swing in too many matches - even so, Tiwary, Pujara and Ganguly are good enough to bounce back - they can probably play more freely knowing the lower order's got their back. Big time. If KKR can continue do do well in pressure situations under Ganguly, they could well be on the way to what DC or RCB achieved last year!


WTH Bond plays for KKR. Arghh.
Must. Resist.
Must. Not. Follow. IPL.

The Chappell-Helmet Trophy...

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Join the dark side, hahaha.

Haha great link Wes, I indulged myself and may have got a little carried away :)

Come on, Wes - it's been brilliant so far. I'm really enjoying it. You should follow ... you know you want to ...

Wow that's quite a make-over! The three colums things really work. You have a sort of background layer behind the text! Haha you have added a soggy outfield, awesome *lol* It's pretty handy, isn't it. Mixpod working well. Had been contemplating it, too, but dunno... my taste in music is maybe not so appealing to the masses ._.

Sid I would only watch the Bond games as he is getting old. But it totally doesn't touch me, I cannot feel any emotions for teams that don't interest me a bit. It totally lacks any incentive, on the players' side as well as on mine... How do you motivate yourself to cheer for a team if you totally don't have any connection to it. I find it impossible to "assign" this sort of interest to me. Watching it just to be able to talk about it is no option. If the players I like were all in the same team... but they are scattered all over the place. I think playing for your home team, be it the national side, the state team or some local club, is based on a totally different foundation emotionally and spirit-wise.

~ Play For Country Not For Self ~


Sid, isn't it going to be tough for you to speak from CSK's p.o.v. after Gilly and Symonds played so well?

Wes, I realised I had way too much stuff so I needed to spread it a bit - the three columns option was amazing in that context! Yeah the background layer is sort of tied to the theme, looks pretty decent too, not sure what a soggy outfield is, haha. About the mixpod, I put that in for me really, for when I'm doing posts. The idea should be your blog, your music! Also useful when you're somewhere where you don't have your music with you, all you'll need to do is use the blog :P

Soggy outfield is at the top of my sidebar... it has very precious content, you should check it out :P
Interesting to see that you have AvB in the playlist, he is quite neat, albeit a bit too sweetish at times but he is pretty good also with singers, do you know his collaboration with Sharon den Adel

Oh hahaha 'the' soggy outfield, yeah I got that idea from you, love your 'precious' content too!

Yep, I don't listen to too much AvB, but I actually do like those sort of sweetish tracks and Rain's one of my faves, and that Sharon den Adel one's great, thanks for that!

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