The Interblogactic IPL Battle - KKR

Okay. I'm a huge Mumbai Indians fan and I will continue to be loyal to that team, but I am now also supporting the Kolkata Knight Riders as part of Paddle Sweep's Interblogactic IPL Battle. So while continuing to hope MI wins, I will be taking up the KKR point-of-view for all their matches this season, so prepare to head over here for KKR match reports to get a slice of that.

These are the participating blogs and teams:

As you can see, there's a big 'un in there for the Delhi Daredevils, JRod of Cricket with Balls. But we're all pepped up for it and we'll enjoy it regardless of who wins. Right?

Match Numero Uno is tomorrow morning for me, KKR v DC. KKR played the inaugural match of the IPL and we all know what happened. No B-Mac around for this match, but there's always Ganguly. Haha.

Off we go.


Well, it all starts today ... good luck and see you there!

Where do you post? here or some other blog? I mean these interbloga-whteva?

Anon, the posts are right here... I've just done mine!

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