Ye olde KKR re-emerges

It was such a promising start. They had controlled the first 13-14 overs of the match, as bright starts from Bond and Ishant followed by some great stuff from Murali Kartik had kept CSK down to 77/3 at the end of the 13th over. That's when Dhoni, after some overs of nudging and nurdling, decided to launch Mathews over long-on. Decisive moment of the match, considering everything that took place after that. 87 runs came off the last 7 overs, as Dhoni's and Badri's tactic of playing themselves in first paid off handsomely. And once 164 was on the board, it was CSK in the driving seat with Murali and Ashwin in the side on a turning wicket.

It wasn't spin that derailed the chase, though - Albie picked up Hodge for a second-ball duck and Gony and Balaji made further inroads to have KKR choking at 46/4. Kemp came on and picked up three more wickets, just like that. Muralitharan and Ashwin picked up bits of the tail to round up a very one-sided second innings.

The batting card looks horrendous, the highest scores being Saha's quick 22 and Kartik's 21 at the end. Tiwary got two boundaries in two balls and got out looking for a third. Ganguly looked extremely comfortable out there... NOT. As the number three, if he isn't going to get in form his captaincy will be quite redundant. Shah and Matthews were unable to replicate their innings from a couple of matches ago and Shukla played well in the short time he was there. Rohan Gavaskar should never have been playing in place of Pujara.

In all probability Gayle will be playing the next match, the only question being whom he replaces - the highest run-getter for KKR and, oh, in all T20 cricket, or Owais Shah, hero from the other day. Tough choice indeed.


Yeah. So. I tuned in right when it turned shite. No wait a minute. It turned shite right when I tuned in. Blame it on me, mate :/
No IPL anymore for Wes. Promise.

Naah, I think this was just Dhoni's awesomeness factor leading to a win!

Dhoni was utterly superb .. good match, you guys were due a loss and we were due some points.

That's true... Dhoni never seems to be out of form. Ever.

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