Not quite there

A few days ago, the folks at World Cricket Watch unveiled their '40 most exciting cricket blogs on the web'.

I didn't make it, of course - I don't think this blog is too easy to find, and the name doesn't exactly scream 'cricket'. In fact, I'd love to hear someone actually scream 'cricket', I've never heard it happen, and it would make a decent change from hearing Ravi Shastri scream about cricket.

Anyway, I am now on the "Exciting Cricket Blogs and Recommended Reading from Our Users You Should Definitely Check Out…" list, right after the important ones. Not quite the achievement I've worked hardest for, considering all I had to do was ask to be in it. But they were kind enough to heed my request (thanks Wes for also contributing).

This has only been a full-time cricket blog for a few months, and I aim to be on more lists, because I like lists, they're fun to read.

On a random note, corn pink slander bugle pastel macadamia.