Outclassed and outplayed

This one's touch and go - simple enough to explain. By the way, I'm talking about KKR v KXIP, the second leg.

KKR did very well to get to 200, bolstered by Gaylestorm's 88 from 42 (with 8 sixes), and he had great support on either side from Ganguly and Manoj Tiwary, both of whom scored 30-odd each. 30-odd is a weird term - what if the number is even? Like 32 or 38, are those 30-even scores?

Anyway, a major feature of KKR's innings was Bopara disappearing for 33 runs in one over, surprisingly the most expensive over in the IPL's history, considering both Gibbs and Yuvraj are in it - this also explains why no one buys Broad or van Bunge. So Bopara got slammed for four consecutive sixes and then, like a masochist, sprayed it for five wides. Powar was fantastic - he finished his spell inside the first 11 overs and had the measure of the lefties at the top. KKR scored 122 runs in the last nine overs after the all-round (haha) spinner had finished his four.

That wasn't enough on an easy pitch, though. Jayawardene, playing in his favoured position as an opener (he does it for his state side), let loose and manufactured a sublime innings full of graceful cricketing shots, nary a slog in sight. He has me being all poetic (for my standards) - if you haven't checked out his innings, I suggest you do so as soon as possible. Hey, in fact, I'll post it right here. Sanga and Yuvraj aided him in this chase and they showed glimpses of their best form, which does not bode well for RR tomorrow. All the KKR bowlers were rubbish, save for Bond. Same old, same old. They play Delhi tomorrow, and their win-one, lose-one trend is probably going to break, this time with two losses in a row. Brendon McCullum may be brought in, but the batting is OK if you ask me - hell, you know it too.

Right, just watch this.

Note: The video went all 'copyright' on me so here's the link to it.