India vs West Indies: Preview of my preview

With the token T20I out of the way and the first ODI about to begin in a couple of hours, I will probably* do an extensive preview of what to expect from the one-day series that is being taken so seriously because it is very challenging and of so much importance. Actually, the challenging bit is actually sort of true, with only 5 or 6 first-choice players in the Indian squad. And the skipper and deputy are Suresh Raina and Harbhajan Singh: a combination of commonsense, ridiculousness, street-smarts, lassi, experience and insanity (there's no pattern linking either guy to a trait).

Anyway; in my forthcoming preview, I'll probably mention how good a chance this is for Badrinath and Rohit Sharma to fight for that one middle-order spot, so expect plenty from those two. Then I might add a bit about Parthiv deservedly  getting the back-up opener/keeper spot, and how picking Dhawan was pointless because he is clearly not ready for this level. There'll even be a gratuitous paragraph about how Amit Mishra has earned his spot over a slightly unlucky Pragyan Ojha. The preview can't be complete without a few lines on Ishant Sharma's return, with a couple of wordy lines on our hopes that he will replicate some of that IPL venom for India.

Of course, it would be rude not to say something about Manoj Tiwary and Vinay Kumar, so I might just throw in something about how they might not get (m)any games but would like to perform all the same to cement their substitute status.

I'm certain that I'll say what my ideal XI would be - and it's likely that there will be a gag about how it should just be 7 Tendulkars and 4 Zaheer Khans.

And then, I think I'll end with another joke, possibly a knock-knock joke. Something like 'knock knock, who's there, bhajji, bhajji who?' but with an awesome punchline. It'll be a really good preview.

* Probably = not

Preview within a preview

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