The First One

I always wanted a comic strip. And I always wanted a blog. It didn't really take a figurative lightbulb flashing over my head to realize that I could combine the two.

Luckily for me, there's always the ever-interesting Introduction to Business class, or I would never have had the time to create a comic strip. Once a week I manage to puke one out when I am particularly bored.

So here, non-existent audience (because I don't expect one), is The Adventures of Billy the Worm. It's what I wanted it to be: Horrifyingly lame. But it still manages to amuse me.

And to read the comic: don't frikkin' squint. Well, that's you're choice if you want to, but you're allowed to click on it to enlarge it.


hahaha....its sooooo cute!!!!
I like the Big Mac part...and also the sleeping part;P!!!

When is the second part cumin out???

haha... probably just what i needed... i think the workin out part is the best!!!!

Rishabh!!! ur so jobless!!!
i think if the output for a business class is so humurous... then u should take all business classes onli!!!!:p
keep up the lame work!!!

lol...keep up the good wrk...reminds me of CCC n the lame drawings tht u made during commerce

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