Terrorism and its effects, as I see it

There was no post last week. I could say that I was upset over the terror attacks in Mumbai, but fact is, I was infected with the lazies. Common disease, that one.

There is nothing funny, though, about those attacks. The way that those freaks sailed in and took my city by siege, for 60 hours no less, fills me with an anger I don't feel very often. I visited that very area for the first time earlier this year, and loved it. Now it will never be the same - it has become a place of mourning. People are calling it India's 9/11. That's bullshit. 9/11 is a one-of-a-kind thing that happened in a country otherwise known for security so tight that it chokes. India, on the other hand, specifically Mumbai, has had several attacks over the last few years. I know the pattern: the people and the media will cry and rave for a bit, there will be talk of the security and intelligence, it will improve for a while, and then return to its slackness until the next little crisis. When these attacks become so rare that every one seems so tragic, only then can they be used in phrases like '9/11' is. At the moment I doubt anyone under attack in the Caribbean is going to call their misfortune 'Jamaica's 26/11'.

These days everyone is opinionated on everything (like me, I know). Some shout that these terrorists were Pakistani, so Pakistan should be bombed. Ever thought that it is these kind of ideas that lead to these kind of attacks? A bunch of people had a grudge against a country (India, in this case), and they went ahead and bombed it. Violence only breeds violence. We bomb them, they bomb us back in self-defense, neighboring countries bomb us to keep the noise down, and then the US, the world police, comes in and ends the bomb-fest. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what the frikkin' terrorists want. Terrorism has no religion, no culture, no state. They like the chaos, thrive on it - it is their damn job to wreak havoc. Michael Caine, in the Dark Knight, pointed out that, "Some men just want to watch the world burn." Starting a war with those next-door guys would end all the diplomacy India has been working on for decades. This is just what I think. Feel free to shred my point of view.

Now then, about Billy. I will get one up this week, whenever I recover from that disease I have.

Over and Out.


oh...well..i must say...tht was nicely done. it's a good change from the usual ol' Billy blog. Keep it up. Cheers.


why so serious? get back to billy..

as for violence breeds violence - this is not gandhi's time anymore..you can't just keep waiting for someone to get sick and tired of slapping you..gandhi just spoke shit half the time..should have put him in nazi germany..wouldnt have lasted a minute! my point here is, if someone is going to attack us, we cant just shut up and sit..we dont need to BOMB them..but we need to catch these people..and take some serious action..once again..very unlikely..but hoping for change..(wow i feel affected by obama)

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