Year of the billy?

A new year has arrived, and with it Billy returns. I was actually waiting for 2009 to post # 3, and wasn't being lazy at all. Really.

I can only hope '09 tops '08 in terms of 'fun had', because '08 was one heck of a year. The final term of high school and the first semester or college were, in the wise words of Russell Peters, "Toooo good!" Plus, India totally ruled in cricket this year, dishing out whippings in both in ODI's and Tests, except to that tribe known as Sri Lankans and their rookie huntsman Ajantha Mendis. Manchester United are world champions, Scrubs is back, and Stephen King has lost his touch (that's a bad thing).

But back to Billy. Last issue saw the stationary worm meet pirate-worm. If you need a recap, it's on my homepage! This issue, Billy meets a character from one of my all-time favourite movies. So go ahead, lookaddit. For noobies, you have to click on the image. It becomes big.

I'll stop now.


haha...this was funny...better than the other 2....

Oh you're reading it!
Thanks ;)

"yukkh!(i always have to start with tht! though i dont necessarily mean it all the time=P)i disagree with chin-tuh-an!!....i like the old 'uns bettr!! talking about step-hen king..looks like ur losing ur touch as

PS: pass ur driving test soon
HINT: nothing whatsoevr

over n out.

Actually, I love this one...anyone who has seen the Matrix would find this one funny...don't worry Aakarsh, there's so much more in terms of topics to cover...losing touch isn't really an option!
You gotta remember it's a boredom thing :P

PS. There's nothing more I want right now!

hahah! its gooooooddd! but I liked the 2nd oen the best i think! but that doesnt mean this one isnt funny! haha! good stuff!

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