Here we go

It's about five minutes until the match begins, and the news is already bad for India.

Laxman is out.

And it gets worse.

Rohit Sharma, his designated replacement, injured himself this morning.

And it gets worse.

His replacement is Wriddhiman Saha.

You can scream now.

This is a case of selector stupidity again - Dinesh Karthik dropped for Saha. Karthik went on to make two absurdly brilliant 150+ scores, taking South Zone near to a Duleep Final Trophy almost single-handedly. His experience and class would certainly have come in handy right now. I've seen Saha bat - he's talented, but to throw him in against Steyn, Morkel and Parnell, can't be good.

I can only hope he proves me wrong.

Murali Vijay has so far shown that he belongs in this team, and Badrinath is finally getting his chance after years of domestic excellence. He's a long term prospect and a good performance from him is crucial.

Right, the match has begun.


I just checked the score. Madness reigns whoohoo

South Africa on top, you must be on the moon Wes :P

Let's not praise the day before the evening, as we say here ;) Also the Leadermoo out for 6 is embarassing to put it diplomatically.
Christ I forgot to check the score again... Hash on 230 and Kallis made 173


I guess we can now praise the day, afternoon, evening and most of the night... the Saffers have batted india out of this match - unless of course, Viru makes another triple in record time. Aren't we all hoping for that :D

Umm... do you want an honest answer lol
But if he keeps going at that pace he might even do it. I am not unworried yet :/ Also as Gambhir isn't making any attempts at being as useless as Prince.

My reply: see the new post :P

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