Australia sweep Pakistan - metaphorically

As I watched the final over of the T20 between Australia and Pakistan, the equation was 8 needed from 3 for Pakistan with one wicket remaining, and one of the commentators said,

"Good teams find a way to win."

Obviously, that was about Australia - and my mind immediately conjured up the corollary: bad teams find a way to lose.

Now obviously, Pakistan has good players - immensely talented, as Kamran Akmal displayed while batting and Umar Gul while bowling.

But that doesn't make them a good team.

This may be a cricket cliche, but they did snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Not that I want to take anything away from the way the Aussies bowled and fielded - they were simply amazing.

Shaun Tait made a fiery comeback, picking up three wickets while making the batsmen hop, clocking 160 kmph in the process. Dirk Nannes and Mitchell Johnson were 150 + too, and Johnson recovered especially well after conceding 20 in his first over - his next three overs went for only three runs!

Newbie Steve Smith held his nerve to pick up wickets at key moments, not getting intimidated by the batsmen going after him.

There were three maiden overs by Australia. In a T20. That's probably unprecedented, and disappointing from Pakistan. But then how much confidence can they be expected to have, losing every match on this tour.

Oh, and Afridi bit a ball.


I'll leave you with this, and this is not in any way related to what I think the Pakistan cricket team does at bedtime.


That's funny.

Ha, ha, ha.

Both teams bowled beautifully, it was a compelling match for the spectators.

The overall atmosphere was great, yeah.

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