"No one Warnered us," said Ganguly

If you've seen the scorecard of the DD - KKR match, you know that there was one man who made the difference to the outcome of this match - David Warner. He scored 107* out of a total score of 177, and his slambanging took the pressure off Paul Collingwood, who was able to nurdle it around until it was safe to start slogging again. After Warner's innings and Colly's 53, the next highest score was Viru's 8. DD had lost 3 wickets in 3 overs, when they spontaneously decided that they would like to bat out 20 overs.

So Warner and Colly knuckled down (or atleast, Colly did), and KKR got some decent overs in courtesy Dave Hussey, Kartik and Mathews. Ishant didn't get more than one over after being boshed by Warner - have I mentioned that Ganguly is a good captain? That's proof. Agarkar, as we know, is blow hot, blow cold, and since he bowled well last match, today was predictably the off-day. Expect a 7 wicket-haul next match. And then an economy of 354468764 in the match after that.

177 was always going to be tough on a slow pitch, but after Gayle's breezy (snicker) 30, scored mostly off a fiery bowler called Andrew McDonald, no other batsmen made a concerted effort to chase it down. Nannes was beardy and economical as ever and Mishra made the best use of a turning pitch. Umesh Yadav, the find of the tournament so far, impressed, while Rajat Bhatia was, again, so slow that the batsman contemplates retirement before playing the ball. In the face of such bowling, KKR crumbled. Ganguly decided that under new rules, created by him, anything on the legstump is a wide. Thus, Nannes was lucky to get a wicket off a wide. Tiwary's erratic form continued, Dave Hussey thought the target was 77 and ambled to 29 off 32. Matthews and Saha came to the party after everyone had left, so they danced together for a bit.

And that was today's news, join us for tomorrow's news: Mumbai Indians beat Kings XI Punjab by an innings and 30 runs.