Another loss after another win, how surprising

The post-match presentation:

Ravi Shastri: So what happened, Sourav?
Sourav Ganguly: About what?
RS: The match. The one you just lost?
SG: Oh. Yes. the boys played pretty well -
RS: No you didn't.
SG: You didn't let me finish, foga. I was going to say: The boys played well... NOT! The team was absolutely rubbish and just pathetic. Terrible fielding.
RS: You dropped a catch too, right in the first over.
SG: Er, yes, I broke a fingernail.
Dav Whatmore: That's perfectly understandable.
RS: Sourav, you have the coach's support. 'What more' could you ask for? *snicker*
SG: Oh, brother.
RS: Don't you mean 'oh, Dada'? You know, because you're Bengali. *booming laughter*
Rishabh: This skit's getting longer and lamer, time to end it.

That's how much attention I paid to the RCB v KKR game. If you had trouble getting some of the stuff above, here's some reading to catch up on it.

The gist of it: Ganguly, Gayle and B-Mac provided a great start to get KKR to 103/1 in the 12th over before the middle order threw it away.

Dinda was great with the ball, so was Agarkar initially, as KKR gained the upper hand for the first 10 overs, but Dravid and Uthappa took advantage of some poor fielding to smash their way home. Example: Uthappa plays a reverse-sweep, Ishant misjudges it and it goes for six. He sweeps and reverse-sweeps the next three balls for ten more runs.

Vinay Kumar was man of the match for his threefer, but I'd have given to Dravid because his innings was awesome to watch, unlike Uthappa's hoicks.

End of line for KKR if they don't beat CSK today, likewise for CSK.