India v Pakistan is angry again

Seriously, did anyone enjoy those "Friendship" series a few years ago? Around that time India played Pakistan so frequently in a bunch of dull encounters.

After the customary tense political situations, of late we've only played Pakistan in major tournaments.

And in today's game, in a knockout situation for Pakistan, you could see that the spice was back. And I'm not calling Shoaib Akhtar 'the spice', but he was back too.

The Pakistan innings was still a tad lame, but when India came out to bat and the pressure built up, something was sparked between the two sides. And not in a romantic way.

There was Gambhir, showing off the hotheadedness that is taking his hair away. Or maybe Sehwag's doing it, his head looks fertile again. Anyway, Gauti's anger was directed at everyone's favourite toothy wicketkeeper, Kamran Akmal, for squealing like the forbidden animal at every opportunity. The two lightweights looked ready to square off before Billy Bowden played killjoy.

There was Akhtar, because he's never out of it, even when he is. Akhtar v Raina, Akhtar v Harbhajan, he was nailing his sledging duties in the death overs. And all while getting smacked around, he must have felt so alive and involved again. Then he was kind enough to show Harby where the dressing room was, once the Good Surd had plundered a six to win India the game.

Good times.