So what ARE we good at?

Everyone now knows a simple tactic to get the Indian batsmen out - just bowl short at them, they'll combust.

All right, we said, so we can't play the short ball. Bring on the spinners, we'll smash 'em.

Because we're supposed to be the best at playing spin. Another Indian side, even the one full of our rested players, would have aimed for 300-350 when facing 40 overs of Zimbabwean spin, with the only medium pace being that of Andy Blignaut, who has a career economy rate of 5.3.

There are a few reasons for opening with a spinner, as they did with Ray Price - you don't have the best (or any) quicks, the pitch is already turning, or you know that the openers won't go after you. It was all three in this case.

During the initial Powerplay overs, if the batsmen aren't going to go after the bowlers with the fielders in, singles aren't going to be easy either, and what you'll get is a shitload of dot balls. This is exactly what is happening with Karthik and Vijay - they haven't, at any point of time, looked like taking charge and dictating play. They've allowed the bowlers to get on top of them, and they just lie there and get screwed. (not originally intended in an 18+ way)

They've left all the hard work to the middle order - which despite impressing in the last couple of games, had to fail at some point. Yusuf Pathan, yesterday, had plenty of time to bat against ordinary bowling and failed, surely a sign that he is no longer needed. He and Jadeja have similar bit-part roles, and it's time one of them is replaced by a full player with a clearly defined role.

That's it.