The ultimate "stupid, stupid me" moment

Today, Pollard was, for once, allowed to bat higher up the order.

Result? He had twice as long to wreak havoc than he usually does.

His promotion was probably a combination of several reasons, like
  • MI was playing a team from the Carribean
  • MI is almost out anyway
  • The team management thought, "What the heck, we've tried everything else anyway" (they haven't)
  • Everyone else was too full from breakfast
You might think that Sachin's probably thinking "damn, shoulda done this before".

Which brings up an important question: Is his thought-voice as thin as his speaking voice?

Anyway, I doubt he's thinking what we think he's thinking. Think.

Even with Pollard out of the cage at #3, the total was 184. Around the same as the other games.

MI won this because of their bowling. And Guyana's batting sucks. Like a straw.