Sehwag's 219

I don't have a lot to say about the innings, because I was denied the full experience by time zonal/ examinatory/ interest-related restrictions. Relegated to watching highlights, what I got out of it (apart from the entertainment, of course) was:
(a) He was just playing straight initially, as he usually does when he goes after the bowling. His innings was made so much easier as the West Indians bowled short, wide and leg side (hey, that sorta rhymed) filth.
(b) He didn't seem to have any fitness problems during the innings, which is great for a 33-year-old batsman.  lot of younger batsmen cramp up at the mere prospect of a long innings.
(c) The other batsmen combined scored at 8 an over.
(d) There are probably going to lots of "flat track bully" critics. Not a lot of 200's despite all these flat tracks, people.

And with those inconsequential mutterings out of the way, here are the highlights of the carnage that was Sehwag's innings.