Who am I?
Student. Listless "writer". Creator of bad comics (but 3 in every 51 people will like them), famous legspinner in my fantasies, amateur sandwich maker/eater.

This started out as a young, lonely blog that was about the odd comic strip every other month, drawn by hand (old school)(also, in school). The comic strip ideas eventually dried up and so did the posts.

Reinvention was only the next step as I decided to integrate my favorite sport, cricket, into the blog. And what better way to start with IPL2? (in hindsight, many other ways)

In late 2009, over a year since the creation of the blog, Billy the worm was forgotten about completely and the blog was converted into an Indian cricket-centered blog. With other stuff.

And that's the story. Really, that's it.

In late 2010, Benny (@tracerbullet007) joined as a contributor, as I attempted to bring some sanity into the blog.

December 2, 2011: The final "Billy the Worm" strip has been put up. This blog is now "The Cricket Nerd". Cricket comics are a regular feature now!

June 11, 2013: I have a lazier version of writer's block so I mostly do GIFS and comics now. Selling out to the ADHD crowd, aargh.

January 16, 2017: "Hiatus" yeah, right. Probably won't ever blog again.

I tweet @CricketNerdist