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Been a while since I did this...45 days and 52 minutes, infact. My original plan was to post a Billy and ramble a bit along with it, but I now realise that that strategy isn't really gonna get me anywhere! So, looking at Amitabh Bachchan's latest blog entry with its 1154 comments, I got a little jealous. Decided I would frequent this place a little more, you know.

There aren't many events going on to blog about right now, so let's settle on the Oscars as a topic.

The Oscars.

Suddenly even people who had no clue or interest in them were being all
"Yay! Oscars tonight! I hope Dev Patel wins Best Actor! Go Bollywood!"
"Nah, he isn't nominated. I think Sean Penn will get it for Milk."
"Yeah, well, he has a stupid name."

Aaah, the magic of a movie about Indians. Well, Slumdog Millionaire is a British movie, by Danny Boyle, who is Irish or something. Dev Patel is a Brindian, right and proper. Freida Pinto seemed a bit out of place with these two on Oprah, with that Indian accent we all love. "No no, we are just good friends!" It is a great movie, though a tad overrated. It has a creative storyline, but I doubt it would win an award at, say, the Indian Filmfare awards. Boyle is a clever, clever, man, for going where the money's at. He's brought the still exotic topic of India to the Western world, at the same time managing to flatter the Indians themselves. Ah well, it got its Oscars, so it's done and dusted now. I will wait a lifetime for a real Indian movie to get an Oscar.

Onward, then. Midterms are approaching, which doesn't really indicate an increased workload. Maybe I rely too much on prior knowledge and a distinct photographic memory. Works for me :)
I'm gonna try and do that incomplete Billy that's in my notepad. That is, if anyone wants it...



hahaha man ur soo bored..srsly find ur self a girl to use this creativity on :P

Oh but this satisfies me like nothing else can :P

woah!!!u dint jes say dat!!!fuk i have doubts on u now!!

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