Stuff that doesn't matter and russell peters

Yes. It's a new Billy. Finally finished it after months of it being a work-in-progress in a notepad I don't use. Helped along, of course, by the fact that my laptop is back from surgery, having had a motherboard transplant. I'm also in the middle of the Spring Break that I had been looking forward to all semester. Which makes me realise how pathetic I am, since the Break gives me the huge amount of two extra holidays. Wow.

Not much going on; I'm still battling the daily tribulations of getting my driving license. India under Dhoni is still walloping the small matter of Vettori's Kiwis. Someone asked Dan the man why he doesn't do the traditional haka, to which he opined that a "skinny, white guy with glasses" really shouldn't do the same dance that the gorillafic All Black rugby team does. Speaking of rugby, the Sevens World Cup was awesome! Sevens is the Twenty20 of rugby, except it lasts 14 minutes. It's very entertaining, and it really isn't all about a bunch of strong men wrestling for the ball, contrary to popular belief. Oh, and in rugby, Fiji is the team to beat. Hanh.

About this Billy then. It's a tribute to Russell Peters, whose show I went for when he was here in Dubai last year. The guy was amazing! And I also realise that many jokes seem funnier when they're live. And when you've paid for the ticket. And when everyone else around you is laughing. This strip is one of my faves, notwithstanding that there are only four...
And er...don't mind the colour change later on. Prodigies run out of ink, too. I also hope the blog looks a little better now. You can now follow the blog from the links on the right. You can also use the orange RSS icon in the address bar. Right, I'm done.

Go ahead, open it.


i liked the dats what she sed.y dont u do one on how billy also keeps 'failing' his road tests:P

hahahha! same here..thats what she said was hilarious!:P haha!

Haha! Crazy yet funny. Yep, that's what she said got me to! :P

daily tribulations!?!?!
beely's always funny....
u can still do better... put those science classes to use now....

That's what she said! :D
Science class is my private crossword time...

funnnnyyyy!!!!! :D

didn't even know you had a blog bubbles! :D

I'm just glad you do now! :P

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