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So this is that post that I sometimes, but now more often, do between posts that have a new Billy. I was a little (no, more) inspired to push this one out by that humdinger of a match yesterday between Manchester United (yeaaah) and Aston Villa. What looked like a game lost was turned around in true champion fashion in the last 15 minutes or so, which goes to show that if you have the sufficient firepower (or you are Man Utd) and you relentlessly attack, you are likely to come out on top. I was even able to overcome a feeling of underachievement and feel happy for 17-year old noobie Federico Macheda, who flicked the ball between his legs and curled the winner into the Villa net in extra time. Guess who's defending their EPL title this season.

Nothing much going on otherwise. My current fixation with Keane (East Sussex band, not nutty Irish legend) has extended to my putting up a Keane Player at the bottom of the blog, snippets of all their songs ready for you to listen to! Plus, the release of the Friday the 13th remake has seduced me to the idea of watching the original 11 movies. Again. That Jason, wow! He is the ultimate faceless killer! I'm currently on # 3.

I'm also about to add two more TV shows to my already decent list - they premier this Thursday, and are called Southland, and Parks and Recreation.

Got nothing else to say, so if you got past all that and reached here, you must be hooked!

*Runs off


hahaha....the poor fuker got no commentss!!!!:P

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