Ground-breakingly earth-shattering

(Note on 12/5/11: It has been almost 2 years since I wrote this. It was an experiment in writing parody. Clearly, this isn't quite my forte. Or is it?)

With all the hullabaloo over the legality and ethicality (ethicity? ethicness? eth?) of euthanasia (which isn't a part of Asia), reports, er, report that a hospital somewhere in the East of East Timor will leave the decision of 'managing a patient's pain' upto the Chief Euthanasia Consultant. Rejected applicants for this post include the Joker, because of his tendency to dress as a nurse, and Sourav Ganguly, who said he would resign after Greg Chapell and John Buchanan had been admitted to the hospital. When approached for a statement, Ganguly said,
"I'm telling you - the boys played well! We'll win something soon!"

Ganguly after his unsuccessful interview
Rajnikanth, superstar from Down Under (of India), was around to offer his view.

"Rascala," he opined, forming his eyebrows like ~~ and indicating how strongly he felt about the matter.

Rajnikanth offering worldly advice
Note: This is a work of fiction.


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