Another One of Those

Here you go.

It's a new Billy.

Been ages hasn't it? Finally strung one together. It' s getting tougher to cough up new stuff and keep milking the concept. Just puts me more in awe of the writers and illustrators of the long-running comics like Spiderman (over 500 issues). Of course, they are allowed - nay, expected - to drag one villain/plot for 30 pages or more, depending on the popularity of that concept. I just use the one, and occasionally.

The T20 World Cup is on, but I'm not going to say much, despite my obvious cricket-writing flair (ha). If the semis were to be decided on a strength basis, it would consist South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies and Pakistan (somehow). Optimist that I am, I will declare that India will displace the Windies. That's all I have to say.

Summer (the season) seems to have a new peak everyday, I'm feeling more and more like something that's melting. A melt-y thing.

When's the next Ice Age (not the movie) ?

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gets worse evry billy dude

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