Aaaaand we won!

Yes! What a gripping day! Didn't miss a minute! Overjoyed! Suddenly love exclamation marks!

Harbhajan completely redeemed himself for me, Mishra too a little bit, not so much Ishant. While it scares me that India didn't have a quick bowler to come in and bowl full. swinging, tail-wiping deliveries, I'll let that pass for now and let it surface again later. Amla was perfect, a one-man army, but one player doesn't win a match, at least not this one.

A review post with player scores for this series will follow, but for now I'll leave you with this:


Oh no the Satan of spin bowling!
My eyes are burning! I can't see!!!

Must...admit... under... pains... that India... coughcoughdeservedcoughcough to win this match. But so did Hash!!! What a decent and nice person.

I thought Sharma bowled a bit better in this test. Mishra is a talented bowler but he would be good only if Dhoni uses him as a attacking bowler and thankfully for India in the second innings he wasn't defensive. Ojha is a defensive bowler but not Mishra.

As far as Harbie is concerned you like him or hate him one has to agree that he is a gutsy cricketer.

Of course India won at the Eden Gardens, it should happen no other way :)

greyblazer, Ishant was better, but he was still mostly pedestrian! I don't think Mishra can be too effective for the most part, Ojha can't either. There must be someone else!

Srikkanth select another TN player for ODI. Ashwin i think. He spinner. Why need another spinner with ojha and mishra? All are bad. Everyone. If bowling this weak Indian fans will have only statwhore records to look fwd to. India lose, alex sir win. Truth remain. you all are fools if you exists. Alex do not exist. Alex fan do not exist. Only truth!

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