Just our luck

India has completely owned this match. As if scoring a mammoth 634/6d isn't enough, 3 South African wickets went down as Zak, Mishra and Harby bowled their best.

Then the rain returned.

No more cricket could be played that day, bar one over. And now India has to take seven wickets to win on the final day, with Hashim Amla, the South African Santa, still out there. Prince the walking wicket has been sent out there in what could be his, and Duminy's, last chance to fight for their spot in this line-up - both have done nothing for far too long, though Duminy seems far more useful because of his ability to turn the ball more than Mindy, the first-choice spinner. They're complicated, aren't they. The other guy left is AB deVilliers, who can definitely hold his own in this sort of situation. The tailenders are no mugs, but the pitch has deteriorated enough for them to not be an issue.

What I'm saying is, India deserve the win, and the weather better not play spoilsport.

Maybe the Steynmeister had something to do with it, angry face and all.

"You better make it rain up there!"


Oh the frustrating game of cricket ... when you know you should win but the damn rain comes and pisses all over it. Of course we Aussies had the opposite the other day - we were probably going to lose to the West Indies and the rain saved us.

I guess it depends on your POV because S.A. supporters are praying for rain.

Ah Rish, why so Britishly worried...

You got it spot on, they are useless, have been useless today, will always be useless...

All of Hash's hard work in vain, if Morne can't stay alive for another... several hours (best light ever, thanks ò_ó ).

Why are India allowed to sub a wicketkeeper in the slips!! /whinge :P

Sid, the cattle are not praying for rain, never. They fight and die like men. You have lived in England for too long ;)

~ Play For Country Not For Self ~

@ Sid - Aussies are awesome - any sort of interruption and they'll be like "That's all right, mate, we'll win all the others." And that's not even a Gayle-ish prediction, they'll do it too.

SA supporters are praying for rain and Indian supporters are praying it doesn't rain. Guess who'd win a battle of population? :P

@ Wes - On the contrary, I can't be Britishly worried since the British are usually the ones fighting for the draw. SA really have been useless - we lost Zak and Ishant's best moments have been whacking Hash and a spat with a tailender. Lucky our spinners decided to bowl well!

SO far Morkne's stuck around... not too many overs to go!

35 mins to go
Can he pull some onions out of his sleeve.

The British worries, this was referring more to the British audience ;)

I have this deep-rooted Harbh fear. It is surfacing again right now.

Haha, Indian crowd cheering when Morne hits a 4. Amla being a real Colly here, I mean that in the nicest way possible :)

Sehwag into the attack o_O

God I can't take it!!!!

Hahaha no that'll come after it's over!

Now Rishi, weeping? ;)

Another day to realise why cricket is so bloody hateable. Oh how I hate cricket. It will shorten my life by at least 20 years. Oh bloody cricket.

Openly weeping :P

I even did a quick 2 minute celebratory post, haha... its 6 am, gotta sleep :P

Canada, Wes! The moon's got some weird no-gravity time!

Rishabh you're in Canada? cool.

@Wes, I think I must have lived here too long. I forget it's only the English who only enjoy winning cricket through the weather.

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