A day for Sehwag, Sachin and Test cricket.

How many times do you feel like watching an entire day of test cricket? Every session, every minute of it? I always thought I had the capacity, but during the recent India-Sri Lanka tests I realized I couldn't expose myself to it any longer. Well, except for Sehwag and his 293, almost all of which was on a single day. We all know it - Sehwag makes us watch test cricket, just like last night, when he was pummeling the Saffer bowlers wherever he wanted to. The entire time Sehwag was at the crease, Steyn and Morkel were made to look ordinary except for when Morne got Vijay to nick one to AB.

Sachin, as always, was the ideal batting partner, a calming influence on Sehwag who again crossed 150 during his 19th test ton. Both batsmen displayed, as usual, their full array of strokes, Sehwag reverse-swept Mindy thrice -  annoyed at the bowler's negative line. Mindy was again bowling over the wicket, but since there was no rough, the pitch being fresh, he couldn't turn the ball enough to get it to come into the batsman which prompted the umpire to call a wide 10 times for negative bowling. I don't know how, being a first-choice spinner for the national side, he cannot spin the ball... all you have to do is tweak your fingers!

Another big partnership for India at the Eden Gardens, after an amazing turnaround. This match appeared identical to the first test - Zak got Smith with a wicked inswinger early and there was a long dull phase where two Saffer batsmen marched on and the Indian bowlers, save Zak, looked innocuous.

Then came tea.

I've no idea what India ate/drank/listened to/read/played/danced to, but following Ishant's sudden bouncer barrage at Amla, everyone got fired up. Zak had gotten rid of Peterson and Amla, and Harby's brain, unused for two sessions, came up with something. 'If I'm not getting wickets with turn,' he thought, 'why not bowl straight balls?' Result? The wickets of Kallis, Prince and Duminy in quick succession. A startlingly amazing bit of fielding from Zak, and AB was gone, and then it was all over for the most part.

The Saffers got back into the game, though - Sehwag fell to Duminy, who finally did something right in this match. The big fish was out, and South Africa were no longer spectators. Mindy immediately picked up Sachin and Steyn (back to Meister form) ran right through Badri.

Lax-man, Mishra, Dhoni and the tail should be able to take a decent lead, I hope, and then we'll see if Ishant and Harby have retained their mojo.


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"Lax-man, Mishra, Dhoni and the tail should be able to take a decent lead, I hope, and then we'll see if Ishant and Harby have retained their mojo. "

It looks quite so. Dhoni good boy. But this annoying feeling is back: 'Bahhh India in India... >_> '

This is a more than decent lead, and with plenty time to spare :D

This was more like India at Eden Gardens, we can do no wrong there!

I hope India dish out a heavy beating here, such a crime that its only a two match series!

I agree completely... with both sides bossing each other around by turn, the third match would have been a cracker.

Part of mind say root for india , part of mind root for SA.

i still think SA can draw this game if they want to show they are number 1.

But i think there are some cracks showing in SA. Duminy completely out of form. Prince is always useless quota player.

if india remove khallis , it will be over by today itself.

VVS did play well but you also have to see this pitch ball is not swinging , it made steyn ineffective.

I am seriously thinking ball swing because of picth or the ball is damaged or something done to the ball.

I think wind+ ball condition make ball swing not pitch.

Seam bowling is depends on pitch. Swing depends mostly on shape of the ball. center of gravity moves left or right make the ball swing in the air.

Perfect (center gravity) ball do not swing.

Dont divert from the truth with your science mumbo jumbo. I saw the first session yesterday, and, by Sachin, it was swinging and bouncing. Laxman had quite a horrid time till lunch break. At times, doggedness does work in your favor (ref collingwood). Match started under gloomy conditions and that helped with the swing. And ball did do a bit when Steyn pitched it up. Unfortunately, they bowled one too many short ones per over. Harris had to cope with many factors: nightmares from day 2, no big turn from the pitch and butter fingers. He was largely ineffective. Credit to Indian batsmen for seeing thru till the lunch session. With all the stands taken off, whatever lil wind is blowing will not be blocked. So cant discount wind factor. It was supposed to have helped Bhajji with his drift according to Sastri. Can SA bat themselves to a draw in this game? Quite possible. They have individuals with tough character in their side, but then a. This is India b. For no reason are SA branded chokers :) It's a tough ask to bat till tea on day 5. But if they do, will be the biggest heartbreak on Indian soil after 96 semi finals.

Alex, your posts can be broken into three parts - (a) the obvious, (b) the ridiculously oversimplified and (c) the undecipherable.

Anon, yeah Morkel and Steyn both did well when they pitched it up or bowled it on a length, it was pretty difficult early on - good signs for Zaheer who will keep attacking. The pitch hasn't broken much so it could be difficult for Harbhajan and Mishra, especially with a line-up full of capable batsmen.

No one said it would be easy, but then they are fighting for the # spot.

It is really funny humans has this idiotic view.

when indian bats , they say they really batted well etc.

That is not entire truth. Ball did not swing like in nagpur.

My reasons are simple it is such that some balls are not made perfect.

Small imperfections inside make it swing and drift in the air even though ball looks round.

I think it is not due to picth as i used to think. It is definitely ball that playing the role.

All batsman are crap when ball is swinging.

Always understand. You see what you wanted to see. :D

That is all there to it.

Dear Alex Sir,

Please check this post on you. I am humbled by your simple and sehwag like approach and view on differnt matters. I am ur fan now. I answered those rogues on your behalf. They are ignorant. I spread your ideologies. I open more eyes and ppl see truth. Like it or not. You are simple and brilliant. I see sehwag in you.


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