England win a World Cup and Billy returns

Australia's super run was finally broken, and what a time for it to happen - at the final hurdle. England did everything right - they got the early wickets, and Clarke's edginess didn't help Australia one bit. Once he was gone, their three best batsmen - Cam White and the Husseys - hit some quick runs to add some respectability to the score.

This wasn't enough, of course - England's batsmen have been on song, and despite Lumb going early, the chase proved facile enough. Kieswetter finally converted his starts into a bigger innings, full of eye-catching strokes, while Pieterson smashed a commanding 47 and was deservingly named the Player of the Tournament.

That's England's first major ICC tournament win, and this side certainly has the talent to add to that. The 50-over World Cup starts in half a year, yay.

And on that note ("yay"), it's time to throw down a new Billy strip. This one's a tad shorter than all my other ones, but hey, it's a comeback issue, I was rusty, and it's tough (for amateurs) to make these.

As always, clicking on it makes it bigger. Technology.