Michael Hussey reaches the finals

At 105/5 in the 13th over, chasing 191, one Hussey replaced another.

At this point, with 87 required in 45 balls, it seemed that Pakistan had one foot in the final.

Cam White departed four overs and only 34 runs later, leaving 53 to get in 21 balls.

And with 34 needed in two overs, you could sense that Pakistan were now sitting on the final and dangling both feet in it, while talking about how lovely the weather was.

At around this point of time Mike Hussey started to creep up behind them with a taser. And eleven balls later, he dragged them away, kicking and screaming, and took their place.

By the way, Ajmal is still an awesome spinner, though his T20I economy rate just went up from an amazing 5.96 to a little less amazing but still great 6.24.