Preview: Australia v Pakistan

England have now qualified for the final, having thrashed the Lankans soundly. Australia are almost certain to join them, unless Pakistan decide they want to be in their third successive final and step it up massively. It won't be easy, the Aussie pace attack has breathed fire all tournament with no signs of letting up. All the batsmen (even Clarke) have played their parts perfectly to boot. What could happen is that Australia peaked early and Pakistan are peaking at the right time, but I wouldn't really call their current form 'peaking' at all.

Pakistan's fortunes lie with the Akmals, each of whom will need to provide firepower at separate ends of the innings. Salman Bottom has been the best batsman for them, while Afridi, as always, will be a double threat - with ball and mouth. Had to take that shot, I'm still a little peeved.

Aamer has been consistent, and his five-wicket maiden will not be forgotten by Australia. Ajmal has also been terrific, he's just so hard to get away! None of Pakistan's other batsmen or bowlers (besides the mentioned ones, duh) have shown decent form and Abdul Razzaq needs to backed, he can never be discounted.

Having said all that, this shouldn't be too hard for Australia. I'm rooting for a classic final.