200 Up

Two, maybe three people may notice that something's new here. Blog's two years old, and this is the 200th post. That's an average of two posts a week, which is... adequate?

Rejected new names for the blog:

  • The Dipping Legbreak (too awesome)
  • Criception (too 2010)
  • Cricket Comics (too simple)
  • The Adventures of the Cricket Nerd (I don't have any adventures)
  • Super Happy Cricket Fun Times (Japanese sponsor, had to reject because payment was in Yen)
  • Cricket and life both suck (French sponsor)
  • Sachin Tendulkar (I'm not that hit-starved) (also, it already exists)

This isn't "The Adventures of Billy the Worm" anymore because I have concluded that series. The well is dry, so to speak. Here's the last one (surprise ending!) (not really). Fun fact: I drew this over 15 months ago. You must have watched a Friday the 13th movie at some point, if you haven't, it's your run-of-the-mill slasher flick.

(if you have this blog on your blogroll, please change the name!)